Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What makes us Kiwi (speech)

creditpenny the kiwi
I remember the time, that we just came down from the ski field  and we were sitting on a bench about to eat lunch. We saw a green kea peeking on dad,s car tyres. Dad started going wild, he ran up to the car and waved his arms and shouted to shoo it away.  I started laughing and my little brother spilt his juice and started to whine. 
What makes us kiwi? Well what does make us kiwi is nature, sport, food and of course our history.

Don't you just love nature? Well, if you don’t you should and if you do love nature which I'm sure you do, you should know about plants to, like the silver fern. The silver fern makes us kiwi because it is our symbol and it is unique like us Kiwis. Speaking of silver ferns, what about our silver fern netball? It is also the symbol of the All Blacks, our pride in rugby.

There is also our sports that makes us Kiwi like our basketball team, the NZ Breakers and our rugby the All Blacks also our netball team they all have great success. Also in the Olympics we have had heaps of success for rowing , shot put and many other sports we are also doing good in the american cup.So you see. Sports must make us Kiwi. 

Our food? What could we do without it? Our bbq’s no one can cook like a kiwi. We do bbq everywhere. In the backyard ,beach, park, car parks.We like our sausages but where would we be without desert. Well luckily, we have our pavlova with nice kiwi fruit on top. That must make us Kiwi!

How about we end it with history always a boring lesson! History is always going to be a big part of us kiwi’s. The maoris made us kiwi because they are our ancestors. Maori also added myths and legends to our world like their tikis. There is also their culture like the haka and the waiata. The Maori are what makes us Kiwi.

So, what makes us also Kiwi is:  our awesome nature, our excellent sport teams, our lovely food and of course our history. 

Today that kea that hassled our car is probably terrorizing tour buses, welcoming people to New Zealand. So E noho ra (goodbye).

Monday, 9 September 2013

Grey Wolf (Animal Report)

Grey wolf is a mammal and part of the canine species. The scientific name for the
grey wolf is Canis Lupus.

The Grey wolf is the largest member of the canine family in length. From nose to tail it  is 1.4-2m the height is 66-82 cm. The average weight for the grey wolf is 55-130 kg. Grey wolfs range in color from grizzled grey or black and white.

Lots Grey wolves have very thick fur to keep them warm in the northern climates. It has claws for traction and for ripping prey.The grey wolf can run up to 64 kilometers per hour.They can also hear twenty times sharper than a human.The grey wolf hunts in packs and normally at night.They are omnivores.

Most grey wolf lives near the north because they are suited for snow. They prefer northern climates but have been found in more places. The grey wolf normally lives in forests where their prey can be found every day.

The Gray wolf's diet is normally ungulates (mammal with hooves) like a deer but they can eat smaller animals like livestock, carrion and they can also eat garbage but they prefer meat only.

Grey wolfs only mate once a year but the pups are born deaf and blind. 6 or five is the average litter for the grey wolf. The pups weigh about 0.5 kg when born.It takes 8 months for the pups to be able to join the hunt.

If environmental effects affect their prey, Their population will drop rapidly. In North America the grey wolf is endangered but in Canada and Alaska it is not. In Europe , asia and africa wolf populations are tiny.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Spelling sentence

This is the spelling paragraph that I had to make out of the underlined words in the paragraph for this week.

My fingers were numb in November when I took a walk through nature down a noisy narrow path on Street Nineteen. I was near the nasty town notice board and I started to knit with a needle when a man bumped me and I said " Don't do that again!"

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mummy Mayhem

Press to play

I was once a Lord
an Idol
now nothing
My pyramid colossal and vast
buried under shifting sands
My skin once smooth, seamless
now rough and dry
My body excavated

I felt giant once

now puny


in some see thru wall

Once my army enormous

Now my servants midget.

Someone rescue me....

Success Criteria for Free-form Poem
  • To reflect the mood of the pharaoh or a tomb robber
  • To bring some of the mystery of Egypt to your poem
  • To cut out small words - use the word knife
  • To use a Thesaurus to add 4-5 improved words
  • To set out in free-form - one or two thoughts per line

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Don't fall down!

I woke up in the morning wanting to stay in bed because I hated the cross country. Mum drove across the mud and puddles on the way to school and I knew that it was not going to be a fun day. I wanted to go back to bed already.
At school the teacher said the Cross Country would take place on the school field after morning tea. My heart leapt... at least I had some time to be able to breathe!

Morning tea went by so fast.The moment I got in class Mr Grieve said that it was time to do the
cross country and suddenly my legs got wobbly and my stomach was dancing. It was still raining ! We waited out under the entrance then the sport teacher Mr Taylor came and told us we had to do a warm up out of cover by the flagpole. I was shaking in my boots if had had my boots on! Finally the race started. We lined up and got ready for the race three.... two... one... go!

 I sprinted down the start passed a few other people round the tree down the straight, jogging to save my energy. Up over the bump I was running across, down with speed! Passing a friend around the goal post I was onto my second lap. Going through the the middle of the trees, my heart was pumping in my chest, wishing it would stop. Through the trees, over the bump, my legs were hurting. Around the goal post, I was finally onto the final lap. So I powered through the trees, sprinted up the bump, ran hard around the goal post and sprinted to get in front of my
friend, Jack. I sprinted across the end, in 21st place. I was muddy but happy I was glad it was over.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Silly Suitcase

I am writing this poem
from inside a dusty suitcase,
please excuse my handwriting
It’s rather lonely cramped in here.
I tripped across my pants
while trying to get my undies
and fell inside the stuffy suitcase.
                                                                                              credit: pixabay public doman images
 So, please excuse my handwriting
It’s rather cramped in here.


 Success criteria

  • To write in a poetry style that has been given.
  • To treat each word as important, constantly improve words and cut superfluous words. 
  • Use high level word vocabulary that comes from our chosen topic.
  • To proofread to a higher level on our Proofreading rubric.
  • To design a montage to match your poem using layering, masking and alpha tools.
  • To present within your blog.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Recount Swimming Prelims

I was so excited we were doing the swimming prelims. I woke at 7:

00 and got dressed into my P.E gear then then I woke up Mum and Dad and they made me breakfast. I got my bag and rushed out the door to my scooter and scooted to school. When I got to school I had to go into class to get unpacked. The first period my class had to go on the bus. 

When we got to Wharenui we had to wait for ten minutes, for me it felt like hours. Then it was my time to assemble and I had to wait in the line for another ten minutes. I went to my lane and when we were all there the whistle blew and I stepped up to the block. It blew again and I thrust my body into a dive and kicked up. Kicking ferociously and swinging my arms as fast as I could I swam down the lane. I saw the wall and I wanted the best time then my hands hit the wall, smack! “26.9 seconds,” said the the teacher,  "You better hop out as well."  

When I hopped out “Whew,” I said. I was glad that I had got a good time. 

I waited for 20 more minutes then it was finally my second race so me and the people who I was racing. I lined up and walked to my lane. The whistle blew I got in the pool, put my arm up to the bar and held on ready to do backstroke. The whistle blew the second time. I was off. I could see the middle mark, suddenly I heard a shout as loud as a foghorn in my ear. It shouted, "Creyke!" I then swam my heart out. When my hand hit the wall “27. 4,” said the teacher , "hop out." 

It an excellent morning of sport, full of great competitors and superb times.